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LG F1480RDS29 Automatic 9 kg Washer Dryer Apple Red


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  • You are unsatisfied with the inconsistent washing methods of your household help, but you want the softness, freshness and cleanliness only attained by conventional hand washing of clothes
  • The LG F1480RDS29 redefines the world of washing machines to bring to its consumers the first washer dryer with 6 Motion Direct Drive technology
  • In this compact F1480RD29 washer dryer LG has captured all the charms of hand washing with its advanced technology, designed and equipped to replicate the results of direct hand washing in an ingenious way
  • This machine is fitted with a drum that adopts a different movement for each fabric type, so your clothes are soft, fresh and clean without the employment of manual labour.The LG F1480RDS29 is a front load machine with a washer capacity of 9 kg and a dryer capacity of 6 kg
  • Conservation of power and water is a major world issue today and bearing this in mind, this innovative and hygienic LG home appliance uses heat and motion energy of water vapours for its functions thus reducing water consumption by 29 per cent and reduces energy consumption by 21 per cent thereby earning an A++ energy rating
  • Body You don't have to make special provisions and major changes in your furniture to accommodate this LG home appliance
  • This compact LG F1480RDS29 with dual functions occupies little space creating a commodius feel within your home
  • The LG home implement weighing 73 kgs comes with dimensions of 600 x 850 x 640 mm making it compact enough to fit in your bathroom or balcony with ease
  • This LG washer dryer has a chrome plated door with a diameter of 495 mm and a useful 135 degree opening angle for easy loading and unloading of your laundry
  • The Jog Dial makes for convenient program selection, and you can keep a timely watch on your laundry with the Fault Diagnosis digital display in case of errors during the washing process
  • The Remaining Time display feature tells you the time left on a wash cycle and enables you to complete chores around the home
  • Performance The LG F1480RDS29 has a unique Tub Clean function that keeps your machine tub clean and disinfected at all times
  • This home appliance gives 4 rinse cycles with the fourth cycle meant to remove residual detergent left on the clothes, and at temperatures of Cold and 30 to 95 degrees
  • After a rinse cycle, the clothes stay suspended in water without entering into the spin mode giving the option of an additional rinse
  • This prevents foul smell developing in the machine and maintains freshness of the clothes
  • Another clever feature of the LG F1480RDS29 is the Steam Refresh feature which eliminates an unnecessary wash when you have retained your clothes in an immaculate condition but your outfit has developed usage wrinkles
  • This LG machine possesses an ideal and diligent option for clothes that may not be dirty but have developed creases from wear, wherein it blasts powerful steam to smoothen wrinkles on clothes and remove odours all in 20 minutes
  • Yet another added feature in this intuitive LG washer dryer is its Fuzzy Logic wash program in which a load detector automatically detects laundry load and a microprocessor optimizes washing conditions such as ideal water level and washing time
  • The dryer has a 5 spin speed option which involves spin speed up to 1400 rpm, and drying programs of low temperature, cupboard dry, iron dry, eco dry and time dry
  • The Prewash function feature on this washer dryer allows effective cleaning of even extremely soiled clothes
  • This LG household implement uses 95 litres of water and requires a power supply of 220 to 240 V
  • The unique motor fitted in this LG F1480RDS29 washer dryer reduces vibration and frictional noise by eliminating the belt and the pulley
  • Therefore, power is delivered directly to the washer drum largely reducing noise created while washing and drying
  • Safety and Convenience Features More than just a household appliance, the LG F1480RDS29 steam washer dryer provides Allergy Care through its steam temperature and rinsing function which removes allergens and other household germs
  • The Dual Spray System on this LG appliance uses less water to wash laundry and sprays water and steam continuously through the wash cycles resulting in a superior washing function for your laundry
  • This smart LG appliance can be safely used around children as it is fitted with a door lock and a child lock, and therefore no amount of meddling will hamper the washing process
  • This appliance from LG has an anti-rat cover feature which provides protection against rodent infestation and keeps your machine safe
  • The LG F1480RDS29 is a quiet, user friendly and expedient home appliance which serves the purpose of a washer and dryer in one compact component
  • This steam washer dryer delivers a simplified washing experience loaded with the luxury of new technology combined with conventional hand washing quality.
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