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IFB Senorita SX Automatic 6 kg Washer Dryer Chrome


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  • Washing your dirty clothes at the end of the week is not just time consuming, but also tiring
  • A washer dryer is an ergonomically designed home appliance that makes this difficult task much easier, simpler and faster
  • The IFB Senorita SX Automatic is a 6 kg washer dryer, built with just the right combination of style and sophistication along with the latest technology and convenient features
  • Design and Technology The 6 kg capacity of this home appliance from IFB, a popular manufacturer of home and kitchen appliances, makes it possible for you to wash huge piles of clothes, thus saving you the time that you might have to spend for repeated rounds of washing
  • 2D Shower System - This sophisticated, feature-packed home appliance from IFB makes use of this feature to ensure that all your dirty linen is washed thoroughly to rid them of the toughest stains and dirt
  • The system comprises of a special water system with a nozzle that circulates the water in a complete 360 degree format inside the drum thereby creating a heavy, vigorous movement and ensuring that all the tough stains, be it a ketchup stain or just an ink blot, efficiently
  • The machine ensures that the water is absorbed deeply into the clothes during the rinsing process so as to make use of 100 per cent of the detergent
  • This innovative rinsing technique also ensures that the detergent is thoroughly removed from the clothes and that there is no residue on the clothes
  • Crescent Moon Drum Technology - While using a washer dryer, one thing everyone is worried about is the chance of clothes rubbing against the walls of the tub and resulting in damage in the form of scrapes and tears
  • This technology features a moon-shaped pattern in the inner side of the drum
  • The moon-shaped pattern works to the advantage of the clothes and prevents them from getting subjected to wear and tear because of the walls of the steel dream
  • This technology made use of in this IFB home appliance ensures that your clothes go through a gentle yet vigorous and thorough washing process
  • Performance and Features Auto Imbalance System - When you load your clothes into the washing machine, it is important that you maintain a balance in the load of the clothes as it is highly important for the wash cycle to take place evenly, using the appropriate amount of detergent
  • This feature in the savvy IFB Senorita SX automatic 6 kg washer dryer redistributes the load to balance it by alternatively starting and stopping the machine as the rotation cycle takes place
  • This system ensures there is no unevenness in the manner of loading clothes
  • The Eco Wash feature in this ergonomic home appliance from IFB brings into action a special wash programme for your clothes to ensure that there is optimum utilization of water and detergent
  • This feature smartly regulates the amount of energy utilized by the machine thereby eradicating chances of high electricity bills every month
  • The superior quality wash that your clothes go through ensures that your soiled laundry comes out sparkling clean, sans any dirt and stains, almost as good as new
  • Stylish exteriors combined with the convenient and compact design of this IFB Senorita SX automatic washer dryer not only make it an economic buy, but also a must-have in every household.
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